Monday, October 3, 2011

Teh facebook

So, I know this is entirely self induced, so before you point that out to me, I already know it.  I feel like facebook is less and less about my friends, and more about how 'liking' something will enter me in a contest to win.  I like the new features and how easy it is to share with different groups of people.  I like the new album previews for photos.  I regularly hide/unsubscribe/kabosh app privileges, but my news feed is more cluttered than I would like.  Any tips on how you keep your feed clean? 

Finally, the whole ticker is strange to me, because I feel like that is the more important stuff.  To illustrate my point, I made the following graphic. Thoughts?


  1. One of my friends is calling it AdBook via NPR. My news feed is mostly like it used to be, but in general I refuse to "like" pages, my interests aren't listed, and I deleted most of my apps.

  2. I have two. Don't tell Jeff. One of them is my "junk" account. In my real account, I don't like, subscribe, or allow platform apps of any kind. Or at least this is the goal. I've made a couple of exceptions. But in my junk account, I'm all about liking whatever will give me coupons and staying on top of sites and such. It keeps my newsfeed squeaky clean. . . or at least as clean as my friends are. . .