Sunday, September 23, 2007

Download iTunes... again

Today was a milestone. Not in the fact that I did something great, or that something I've been waiting for a very long time to happen finally came to pass (ahem, Halo 3 in two days). No, today I downloaded the billionth iTunes update. I've been using iTunes for years and years, but I've always been annoyed at how frequently they release new versions. I also believe that the program is more buggy now than it ever has. iTunes hasn't been the same since version 7.0 came out. My biggest gripe is that the newer versions are memory hogs, no longer playing nice with other programs. Sure it has a lot of cool features, but if you think about it, they really aren't all that functional: cover flow = cool to watch yet utterly useless. I'll stop griping, only after I say one last grievance. I liked the green icon better than the new blue one.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Unexpected Fortune

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of today's football game. My Utes completely walked all over the UCLA Bruins, who had a very close game with BYU last week. The final score was 44-6, a real spaking. I will admit, that I went to the game expecting a score similar to that, just the other way around. I do feel somewhat guilty for having those thoughts, but I think I made up for it with all of the cheering I did. I was a bit hoarse after the game, and even now I'm still feeling quite raspy. At any rate, this is what Fox had to say on their website last week:

"As if fate wasn't unkind enough to Utah, now UCLA is coming to town. The unbeaten and nationally ranked Bruins find a wounded animal in Utah and, this week, the perception will be that the Utes are too crippled to fight."

Wow... that's pretty harsh.

Just as I arrived at the game, the Utes scored a touchdown on a 53 yard play. UCLA answered with a field goal in the first quarter, but that was half of the points they would score for the rest of the game. For the majority of the second quarter, the Utes worked on stopping UCLA in their tracks. I actually wasn't comfortable with the lead the Utes had built up until late in the third quarter. I kept expecting something to come from the offensive side of UCLA, but it never did. The fourth quarter was everything a Ute fan could ever hope for: I wanted to see a score over 40, and my friend Ken wanted to see no touchdowns scored by UCLA. You can put a check mark to both items on that list.

The only other thing I wanted to highlight, was the play in which UCLA almost scored their only touchdown. It was a passing option, perhaps from around Utah's 40 yard line, caught maybe about the 20. Just when I thought they had scored, a Ute came barreling over, snagging the dude from UCLA. As they both fell to the ground, the poor chap from UCLA tried to reach the football over the line for the touchdown. Instead, he sputtered and choked, dropping the ball into the endzone, giving the Utes a touchback.

For more details this article is pretty decent.

Go Utes!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A is for Apple

So, there's all sorts of buzz about the new iPods and all. Especially about the price drop on the iPhone and the the $100 gift card that will be going out to all of the people who bought the iPhone before the price drop.

I saw the following comment left on an article on engadget, and thought it was worth sharing it with the 3 people who read this blog.

"Funny thing is: Apple store is now selling a limit edition t-shirt that reads 'iSucker' for $100. In 7 forgettable colors."