Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girls w/Guitars are Hot!!!

If you know me, then you probably know of my seemingly undying love for chicks who sing and play the guitar. Let's just say it's a weakness of mine... A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite artists stopped in Salt Lake City for a show. Kate Voegele is an amazing musician, that I have really come to appreciate. I'm really disappointed with artists that don't write their own music (just about any pop singer), or that don't actually play the guitar as they would have you believe (ahem, Colbie Caillat). In any case, I had an amazing time at Kate's show. The first opening guy, Kelley James, played a few songs. At first, I wasn't sure if there was going to be enough room for his ego and all of the dreamy eyed teenage girls. It turns out there was, but just barely. Kelley had a style that reminded me of Jack Johnson's music, mixed with Jason Mraz's quick witted lyrics. For one of his songs threw down a verse completely improv (based on a sorority and peanut butter, which were just randomly thrown out by the audience), that I enjoyed. I really liked his song "In Between," and would recommend taking a listen to it.

The second band, was completely forgettable in my opinion... I think their name was "The Whitest Light" but I can't be sure. In my opinion, they were a bit too loud for the kind of concert. I'm fairly certain that had they been playing with bands more similar to their style I would have payed more attention. Not that it really matters, because as they played, I was having a Corona in the bar.

I don't really want to harp on how much I enjoyed Kate's music, so all I'm going to say is that my favorite songs were "I Won't Disagree" and "Devil In Me" although I really do like all of her music. Honestly, her CD is just ones of those that I can listen to it all the way through and not get bored. It's fantastic!

I hung around after the show and got Kate to sign her CD for me. Her concert manager (or whatever his official title happened to be) was kind enough to take our picture. Actually, he was kind enough, to take three photos: one of his finger, one of Kate looking the other way, and the following one. I look like an idiot, because I'm in the middle of saying, "No, you just have to push the button down harder!" Isn't that always how it works!?! But, hey, I figure that Kate more than makes up for how bad I look.

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  1. Speaking of girls, guitars, and hotness, I can't believe you don't read XKCD. Maybe the wet riffs comic or the ensuing website will convince you.