Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Update

I downloaded an app for my phone that allows me to post to my blog, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I have survived the first round of exams, and am experiencing a very brief lull before things hit the fan next month. In October I have exams for every single class. It's going to be a great time...

Recently, I had exams for both Microbiology and Pathology. Both went decently well, so I'm off to a good start for the semester. Additionally, I took my first two practical exams for Restorative Dentistry III. I had to do a crown prep and make a provisional crown out of acrylic in a three hour time limit. It went about as good as it could have, and I averaged 95/100 between the two. I snapped a quick picture of the temporary crown (its a little yellower than the other teeth, fyi). I took a photo of my friend Rob's preparation, too, which I will upload so you can picture what it looks like under the temporary.
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  1. Enjoy your lull and good luck with your next round of exams.

  2. Hey Dane!! I ran across your blog address and thought I should check it out!! Guess you are pretty busy (by the way, the crown looks great! Take it from me the #1 DENTAL PATIENT in the world!) Wish I could give you my business! Anyway, good luck with everything, I am going to check back now and then and see how you are doing! Check out Steph's blog @ stephanieromney.blogspot.com (crazy girly stuff just to warn you!) and Teresa's @ doyouaskwhatthebirdssay.blogspot.com. If you are ever in town, stop by and say Hi! Mom Romney