Monday, February 15, 2010

Tidbits of Life

I got a call from my mom on the 4th telling me that my grandmother had died. Over the weekend, my dad sent me an email with the obituary and some photos. I found the above portrait to be just stunning, however it was in desperate need of some help. It had been scanned in at a low resolution, and never properly processed afterwards. There was dust evident, not to mention the desperate need for some color correction. And just to prove how picky I am about photography, I took issue with some of the shadows. I opened up photoshop earlier tonight and spent about a half an hour cleaning the picture up. I'm so pleased with the result, I thought I'd post it here. Blogger seems to have butchered the photo, though.

I did actually make it out to Montana for the funeral. It was really great to see the family, even though the circumstances weren't the best. I decided to try and make the best of the situation, surprising everyone by making it to Billings. I ended up getting to spend an extra day with my Grandpa when my flight back to Philly was canceled due to the 'Snowpocalapse' as it is being called on the east coast. I have seriously never seen so much snow. Ever. Check out what the car looked like, even after a day of melt.

In other news, Angels & Airwaves released their third (and hopefully not last) album, LOVE, over the weekend. It's a free download. I think it is definitely worth your time to do so. On some of the tracks, their sound has changed a bit going back to the Blink-182 roots, but on a majority of the album, they sound very much the same. I like the songs Shove, Hallucinations, The Moon-Atomic, Clever Love (which is perhaps my favorite track), and Soul Survivor. Awesome. It made my weekend, and laundry more enjoyable.

Oh, and last but not least, I think I nearly aced my Dental Materials II midterm. Unless something horrible went down, I think I only missed one of forty-one questions. It's actually kinda funny how it came about. Last night when I went to bed, I wasn't super confident with my knowledge of the material, so I ended up getting up at 6:30 am to get a couple of hours more. I can't remember the last time I got up to study before an exam. I am not a morning person, so when I go to bed, I'm usually not getting up until I HAVE to.

That's all for now.


  1. It's nice to hear from you, but I'm sorry about your grandmother. The photo is very nice though.

    Seattle had the warmest January on record. So I've forgotten about this thing called "snow" which apparently is dumping in record numbers on the rest of the country. Something's up.

    I've never been a huge A&A fan, but I downloaded the album because it was free. I haven't listened to it enough to have favorite tracks yet.

    Congrats (hopefully) on the midterm, and good luck with the rest of the semester.

  2. Sorry about your grandma, Dain. Wow, she sure was gorgeous.

    I'm so happy about the new A&A album! Yay.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I bet she'd be happy you restored her photo to its proper glory. Congrats on surviving the storms. One of my friends in the DC area sent her toddler out to play and when she went out a min later to find him, he'd sunk into a snow drift that was significantly higher than him. Now that's what I call snow! Glad the semester is going well. Hope it continues well. Thanks for the heads up on the A&A download.