Sunday, August 19, 2007

Forks and La Push

It just so happened that I was in Forks, Washington on August 7. In case you are in the dark on that one, it was the day that the third book in Stephanie Meyer's series, which takes place in Forks, came out. While I'm not obsessive about the books (like a few people I know), they are a decent read. While in Forks and the beach at La Push (perhaps near La Push would be more correct) I took a bunch of pics for the more obsessive of the group. I also make no apologies for not visiting the local high school and hospital, or for going all artsy fartsy and taking photos of rocks and flowers on the beach. Somehow, I think you'll all survive.

Looking toward La Push from Realto Beach

Looking north on the beach

Wild Pea Blossoms

The only picture from Forks (not much else to take a photo of)

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  1. Your pictures are much different than mine, but so lovely. I'm a really big fan of the stack of rocks and the pile of beach logs! (Careful, they KILL!) And I wasn't directing the obsession defensiveness at you but take note. :)